TRL Calibration

The forthcoming release of the control software for the LA19-13-04B 8.5 GHz VNA will include the option for TRL/TRM calibrations. This is a powerful addition to the capability of the already versatile instrument. It is a particularly useful tool for accurately evaluating high frequency SMT devices on printed circuit boards. The feature includes a facility [...]

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The development of our range of vector network analyzers continues and we are delighted to announce the introduction of the LA19-17-01 electronic calibration module. This allows users to carry out error-free calibrations in a matter of seconds. The LA19-17-01 is a uniquely affordable calibration module in a conveniently compact package. Its flexibility is extended by [...]

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Matlab Control support

Users of the LA19-13-04B 8.5 GHz Vector Network Analyzer can now use Matlab to control their instrument. An installer can be downloaded which will implement the necessary changes to allow Matlab to access the VNA using the DLL library originally supplied with the LA19-13-04B. Please refer to the Products section and look for the LAMatlink [...]

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Production Facility Upgrade

In line with our commitment to invest to keep our operation running efficiently we have upgraded our production facilities with the addition of an IBL vapour phase solder reflow machine and an TWS solder paste printing machine. Vapour phase reflow soldering provides exceptional quality soldering regardless of mass or complexity of the printed circuit board. [...]

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