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LA Techniques Ltd is a British company with expertise in wide band amplifiers, pulse pattern generators, instrumentation and RF and microwave techniques. It prides itself in its flexibility and commitment to customer satisfaction through innovation and  continuous improvement in every aspect of its activities. Its comprehensive in-house facilities allow it to deliver innovative, flexible and cost-effective solutions quickly.

This note describes how to use TRL calibration using the LA19-13-04B VNA to evaluate SMT devices on printed circuit board. An example using low cost FR4 test PCB is described. The board includes the calibration Standards needed to carry out the TRL calibration.

TRL Calibration for measurement of SMT devices

This note describes a technique for measuring the s-parameters of SMT devices using a low cost FR4 test jig and the LA19-13-03 8 GHz VNA. The jig includes the calibration Standards needed to carry out the VNA calibration to remove the effects of the jig.

S-Parameter measurement of SMT device

This note describes the calculated uncertainties of the LA19-13-03 Vector Network Analyser. The calculations are based on actual measurements and represent a good indication of the capability of the instrument.

Uncertainties report for LA19-13-03.pdf

Analysis of phase noise in sampled phase locked loops. This paper provides an in-depth analysis of the characteristics of sampled PLLs and in particular highlights the effects on phase noise at the sampling or comparison frequency.

Analysis of Phase Noise in Sampled PLL

Applications Note LAP03 describes calibration procedures for the LA19-13-02 Low  cost Vector Network Analyser including use of the Iss2 calibration kits which enable a full calibration to be carried out with a single kit when the DUT is non-insertable. It also describes the measurement uncertainties.

Applications Note LAP03 (LA19-13-02)

The calibration and measurement uncertainties of the LA19-13-01 Low  cost Vector Network Analyser are assessed jointly by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory and LA Techniques Ltd., The Note also contains applications information.

LA19-13-01 3 GHz VNA Calibration and Measurement Uncertainty, Ref LAP02 v1.2

This Technical Note takes a look at the background to the bandwidth and phase linearity requirements of high speed driver amplifiers. It also describes popular amplifier circuit techniques and construction technologies used to realize high performance driver amplifiers.

Design Considerations and Performance Requirements for High Speed Driver Amplifiers, Ref. LAP01

Calibration of the LA19-13-02 Low  cost Vector Network Analyzer for measuring non-insertable devices is possible using a single calibration kit. This short video below shows the step by step procedure.

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