The development of our range of vector network analyzers continues and we are delighted to announce the introduction of the LA19-17-01 electronic calibration module. This allows users to carry out error-free calibrations in a matter of seconds. The LA19-17-01 is a uniquely affordable calibration module in a conveniently compact package. Its flexibility is extended by the provision of a calibrated adaptor allowing calibrations to be carried out for both non-insertable and insertable devices.

The LA19-17-01 EasyCal module is controlled from the host PC via a USB connection. It includes internal temperature control to ensure stable and accurate calibrations. All factory data is held internally in the module making its operation transparent to the user. The EasyCal module is priced at GBP 1050.00 and will start shipping in May 2021 and will initially operate with the LA19-13-04B vector network analyzer. Find the datasheet here.