We are delighted with the completion of a new addition to our Reflectometer range. The LA19-14-04 builds on the excellent performance of the LA19-14-03 and is intended for use in OEM systems in primary health care such as General Practitioners’ surgeries with the key aim of reducing unnecessary referrals to specialist centres.

The LA19-14-04 implements a large subset of the features of the LA19-14-03 and retains superb stability, linearity, speed and trace noise. All at a significantly reduced selling price. Key technical points are sustained measurement speeds as fast as 25 us per point at the maximum operating bandwidth plus signal to noise and jitter ratios close to 80 dB.  The LA19-14-04 supports various trigger modes including free running, external and manual modes. The instrument consumes a mere 5W of power at maximum sweep speed.