We are delighted to announce the release of the LA19-13-04B 8.5 GHz VNA. This instrument includes our unique Save on Trigger facility. This makes measurement of multi-state devices such as variable attenuators and phase shifters much easier to carry out. The LA19-13-04B is based on our existing four receiver model LA19-13-04A but incorporates changes to the synthesizer and controller designs to allow frequency coverage to 8.5 GHz. The new instrument provides improved dynamic range and accuracy whilst retaining oustanding characteristics such as low trace noise, speed and flexibility at a very reasonable price. The LA19-13-04B is offered with optional accessories such as PC3.5 calibration kits, PC3.5 verification device and test cables. Please look at the products page for further information including the uncertainty report. You can watch a video demonstration of the Save on Trigger facility here.