LA Techniques is pleased announce the successful development of an ultra compact, high linearity Reflectometer for OEM applications. The instrument is based on the innovative LA19-13-01 Vector Network Analyser and offers exceptional performance in a very small and cost effective package.

Technical highlights of the Reflectometer include a sweep speed of 200 µs per point, trace noise without averaging of 0.006 dB rms, temperature stability of 0.003 dB/°C, a footprint of 22cm x 23cm and a power consumption of 10W. The unit is capable of outstanding accuracy, with measurement errors of under 0.01 dB and 0.1° possible.

The Reflectometer is an example of LA Techniques’ complete solution capability. All development stages from concept through design to manufacturing are kept in-house allowing close control and enabling us to provide timely, innovative and cost effective solutions tailored to specific customer needs. Production of the Reflectometer is scheduled for the first quarter of 2010.