LA19-13-04 – 6 GHz Four receiver Vector Network Analyser

LA19-13-04 – 6 GHz Four receiver Vector Network Analyser

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LA19-13-04 – 6 GHz Four receiver Vector Network Analyser

The LA19-13-04 is a super compact PC-driven Vector Network Analyser. It incorporates some unique circuit techniques to achieve outstanding performance at a very affordable price. It provides great accuracy, fast speed and wide dynamic range. It is an ideal choice for use in a wide range of applications from 300 kHz to 6 GHz. Some of its key features are 180 us sweep speed, trace noise of only 0.005 dB rms at its highest operating bandwidth of 140 kHz and a dynamic range of 118 dB.

The user interface software was developed by long term users of VNAs and provides a wide range of useful features including reference plane extension, de-embedding memory functions, limit lines, time-domain. In addition to a calibration kit editor it also provides utilities such as signal generator mode, measurement of power at the 1 dB gain compression point as a function of frequency and AM to PM conversion are provided. Support for third party tools such as VEE and LabView is by means of DLL libraries.

Please check with the factory for availability of this model in your country.

The optional 3.5mm calibration kits use TRL referred calibration standards resulting in excellent VNA performance.

Model Frequency Range (MHz) Dynamic Range (dB) Other Features
LA19-13-04 0.3 – 6020 118 Ref plane extension, de-embedding, time domain, P1dB, AM-PM, triggered sweep, CW (time) sweep, signal generator mode



LA 19-13-04_DataSheet_Apr19

LA19-13-04 VNA Series software V1.40


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